» Licensing regulations

Licensing regulations

        ERC has adopted a package of regulation documents that contains three main resolutions and rules relating to regulations of licenses which have been entered into effective from January 1st 2015.


        1. Licensing policies and directives (download)


This document reflects fundamental issues on licensing for energy related business activity and relation among the license holders.


        2. The rule to regulate relation to licensing matters (download)

The documents is to regulate matters relating to energy generation, transmission, distribution, dispatching and supply activities, construction of energy facilities and energy consumption that involve utilization of energy resources, and a relation with respect to issuing, suspending and revoking a license to conduct certain business activities.


        3. The rule to set the terms and conditions of license, and to evaluate and review compliance (download)

This document referred to in Article 12.1 of the Law on Energy to set terms and conditions of license, and to determine matters relating to reporting, assessing and evaluating of compliance with the license terms and conditions.