Wednesday, 8th of February 2023
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    Major Achievements in Renewable Energy Field In 2018

    Thursday, 2nd of May 2019

    “Naranteeg” LLC has built a 15 MW solar power plant and named it “Gegeen”, in Zamiin-Uud Soum of Dornogovi province and started to supply electricity to the CRIPG after obtain...

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    Major Projects Completed in 2018

    Tuesday, 30th of April 2019

    “CHPP #4” SOJSC has been successfully implementing the MON-P10 project funded by the Japanese Government’s soft loan since 2014 to improve the reliability of the main components...

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    Operational highlights of Mongolia's Energy Sector

    Monday, 29th of April 2019

    In 2018, Mongolia’s electricity production has reached a volume of 6,624.8 million kWh, an increase of 8.8% compared to the previous year’s production. 93% of total electricity ...

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Main Objectives
and Principles

  • › The energy regulation should be in the frame of the Law on Energy, other related legal acts and rules;
  • › In conformity with the general guidelines of the social development, national economic security policy of Mongolia;
  • › In accordance with the state policies on energy sector;
  • › In accordance with the state policies on the natural environment and ecology;
  • › To create condition for establishing a fair competition among licensees;
  • › To protect the rights of the consumers and licensees equally;

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