Wednesday, 22nd of January 2020

Law package for energy

The purpose of this law is to regulate matters relating to energy generation, transmission, distribution, dispatching and supply activities, construction of energy facilities and energy consumption that involve utilization of energy resources.
Objective of this Law is to regulate a relation with respect to issuing, suspending and revoking a license to conduct certain business activities that may negatively affect public interest, human health, environment and national security and that require specific conditions and expertise.
The purpose of this law is to regulate relations concerning generation of power using renewable energy sources and its delivery.
The purpose of this law shall be to encourage foreign investment, to protect the rights and property of foreign investors in Mongolia, and to regulate matters relating to the foreign investment.
The purpose of this law is to regulate matters related to the organization of tenders for granting investors concessions over state and local own property, the conclusion, revision and termination of concession agreements, and the settlement of disputes.
The purpose of this Law shall be to regulate relations concerning energy conservation and efficient use of energy.