Wednesday, 22nd of January 2020

Message of the Chairman

Message of the Chairman

  I greet you most warmly in this day and express my gratitude to you for visiting our website to be introduced to our Energy Regulatory Commission’s activities.

  Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) regulates matters relating to energy generation, transmission, distribution, dispatching, supply and implementing the policy for energy conservation in accordance with the Energy Law and other related regulations, and also has been working to protect the rights for licensees, suppliers and consumers equally and to provide fair competing environment in the energy market.

  We follow the principles of honoring the laws, transparency, openness, independence and justice in our operations and organize several activities step by step to improve the economic and financial strength of the energy sector and to improve the regulating environment for the licensees operations and to deliver the efficient policy to all the energy consumers.

  You will be able to be introduced to the main functions of Energy Regulatory Commission of Mongolia, the Energy Law, regulations and policies through visiting our website and to receive new information on time and to cooperate with us by sharing your thoughts and giving your valuable comments to us.


I wish you all the best
Be always prosperous, Mongolia future