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Energy efficiency achievements in 2018

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Energy efficiency achievements in 2018

“COMBINED HEAT AND POWER PLANT #4” SOJSC took actions to improve production process and technical requirements within the year of energy efficiency, as result of that they achieved an operational cost saving of MNT 725.2 million through preserving the usage of 69.5 thousand tonnes of incidental condensate, 4.6 thousand tonnes of equivalent coal and 3.6 million kWh of electricity.

“Ulaanbaatar heating network” SOJSC implemented an energy conservation action plan. After investing MNT 251.2 million in technical and operational improvements the UHN achieved a MNT 868.7 million cost saving through preserving the usage of 2.7 million kWh electricity and 55.4 thousand Gcal heat energy. Furthermore, 127 heat only boilers in 210 buildings with the flow rate of 26.4 Gcal/h have been connected to the central heating system.

“USUG” municipal enterprise saved 6.9 million kWh electricity which is worth MNT 122 million as a result of the performance improvement by means of organizational measures for facility renovations and installation of 750 kW variable speeds drive in a water pressure booster station.

Dornogovi province’s “Chandmanj ilch” LLC thermal plant reached a gain of MNT 49.9 million by saving 0.3 million kWh electricity through installation of new inverters for 132 kW, 90 kW, 30 kW exhauster drives of the boiler K-2, K-3, K- 4.