Thursday, 25th of July 2024


In 2023, the Energy Regulatory Commission will implement the following objectives within the framework of our main functions and goals. It includes:

  • First, to elaborate the legal framework of the licensing regulation and transfer it into an open-source online platform, also, improving the efficiency of license holders and regulation support for the developing the smart metering systems;
  • Second, to ensure the financial and economic stability of the energy sector by reforming the tariff structure, and introducing the benchmark cost model into the tariff system of license holders;

  • Third, to upgrade the legal framework for the energy efficiency law, organize the promotion of energy saving and demonstrate it to the society and consumers, and to implement regulations to provide the growth of consumption through saving;
  • Fourth, provide the possibility for creating an online platform that handles and monitors consumer applications and complaints, improve legal regulation by determining the causes of complaints and disputes, and cultivate regional and capital regulatory councils;
  • Fifth, to develop, and implement the strategic development plan of the commission for 2023-2027.