Thursday, 25th of July 2024

SPOT market

A spot market is based on the differences between the amount of scheduled electricity generation and the amount of real-time electricity supply. As a result of operating the spot market, power plants will try not to breach the scheduled generation or dispatching graph. In case of breaching it, they will bear some responsibility according to the spot market rule. In other words, trade is affected by selecting the highest tariff of the companies participating in the spot market.

In 2011, about 3.9 million kWh of electricity or MNT 195.7 million was traded in the spot market. The amount of traded electricity reduced by 20.6% from 2010, which shows that generators’ imperfection had been reduced.

Thermal Power Plant #4 gained a revenue of MNT 123.2 million from the spot market trade in 2011. However, Thermal Power Plant #2, Thermal Power Plant #3, Darkhan Thermal Power Plant, Erdenet Thermal Power Plant, had carried responsibility of paying MNT 10 million, MNT 57.8 million, MNT 47.3 million, and MNT 8.1 million respectively traded in 2011.