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Introduction to licenses

ERC has the authority to issue, suspend and terminate licenses, resolve certain types of disputes between license holders and disputes between consumers and license holders. According to the article 12 of Energy law the following licenses are issued to a legal entity by ERC.

  • Electricity generation
  • Heat generation;
  • Electricity transmission;
  • Heat transmission;
  • Dispatching;
  • Electricity distribution;
  • Heat distribution;
  • Regulated supply of energy;
  • Unregulated supply of energy;
  • Importation and exportation of electricity;
  • Construction of energy facilities;
  • Gas supply

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Specific information and explanation- relating to the licensing and regulation are described in articles from 12 to 26 of Energy Law.

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Licenses for construction of power lines crossing the state borders and construction of energy facilities with capacity of over 5MW and dispatching licenses shall be issued by the Regulatory Commission upon permission of the State Central Administrative Authority.

Licenses shall not be required for construction and operation of power plants with capacity 1.5 MW and lower and construction of its transmission and distribution lines that do not have any adverse impact on the environment and normal living conditions of people and are designed for own use.

As of the six months of 2015, ERC has issued 203 licenses to 96 legal entities and been monitoring compliance with these terms and requirements of the licenses issued.

E-License online system

The online system makes a legal entity able to apply for a new license, license renewal and also submit its license compliance report for evaluation.