• The energy regulation should be in the frame of the Law on Energy, other related legal acts and rules;
  • In conformity with the general guidelines of the social development, national economic security policy of Mongolia;
  • In accordance with the state policies on energy sector;
  • In accordance with the state policies on the natural environment and ecology;
  • To create condition for establishing a fair competition among licensees;
  • To protect the rights of the consumers and licensees equally;


  • To promote environmentally friendly, economically profitable, advanced technique and technology solution;
  • Establish a pricing and tariff system that enables the energy supply at the lowest possible cost and allows a rate of return provides an appropriate profit level;
  • To introduce energy and capacity tariff for consumers which is to be set depending on the consumers load and their impact to the grid;
  • Promote private sector investment;
  • Promote renewable energy resources;
  • Promote energy efficiency;